Who We Are

My name is Jennifer. Most people in my life call me Jenn, and this is my family blog. I am a wife and a mother to two beautiful humans. We are a typical Alberta family that just wanted more for our lives and our children. My husband works in the Alberta Oilsands and we quickly realized after having children that we wanted to give them more experiences than Alberta could offer.

So here we are… married for 3 years, 2 children under 5 and headed on the adventure of a lifetime. I’m here to share our journey. There are so many journeys that you take in life, in marriage, and with kids. Having a mixed race family makes some of our stories a little different in regards to how our family views the world but we are just trying to figure it out like everyone else.

We will share things about our travels, our experiences, and our lives in general. Life is messy… we want to start embracing the mess.

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White Privilege

People assume that white privilege correlates to the amount of money you have/had, the family you grew up with, and that you have faced no hardships in your life. This is not the case so if you get offended by the word please read on.

The Downside to Life in Nicaragua

Everytime I talk to someone back home it seems like the one question that always gets asked… ‘How is life in Nicaragua?… It makes me think… How many times have you been asked ‘How is life in Canada/United States?’ What would you say? Canada/United States: ‘Life is good… we commute to work, the kids go … Continue reading The Downside to Life in Nicaragua

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